Dear Angela, I quit retail because of jerks like you

Dear Angela,

I know it’s been about two years since you made this video about how angry you were that Bath & Body Works did not have the candles you asked for. However, a follow-up video showed up on my Facebook newsfeed this morning, which was linked to your original rant. So I watched it, to see what all the fuss was about.

And I was horrified.

But not for the reason you think.

You see, Angela, I’ve never worked at Bath & Body Works, but I worked in customer service through most of college, and at Yankee Candle during my first semester of grad school. Believe me, I too had my share of irate customers who came in for a specific item and, in your own words, “lost their shit” when we didn’t have it in stock.

You were particularly upset that no employees left to go to another store to pick up your candles, as you asked over the phone. You said “There was NO ONE else in the store,” so of course they could have left to get your candles.

But here’s the thing, Angela. You didn’t mention any other employees in your video: just “Manager Jen” and the first employee you spoke to at the register. The manager is usually not allowed to leave an employee by herself, should a customer like you come in with a complaint (at least that’s how it was at my store).

Could the employee herself have gone to get your candles, leaving the manager to run the store alone? Yes, but I’ll bet the behind-the-counter girl wasn’t lying about “being really busy,” because stores like B&BW are CONSTANTLY receiving new shipments. Those shipments must be logged with the inventory numbers, and then inspected to make sure nothing was damaged during shipping. Then the boxes need to be put away in the stock room.

Angela, I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume you’ve never worked a retail job before: you may not have ANY IDEA of how long and tedious a process it is to log serial numbers and unpack new shipments. I’ve spent entire shifts doing just that.

So yes, Angela. That girl probably wasn’t lying about “being really busy.”

Back to what I suggested about you never working in retail before. You know why I think this? Because people in retail and customer service have to deal with customers like you ALL THE TIME – uppity, self-important, lose-my-shit-if-I-don’t-get-what-I-want-when-I-want-it types of people.

I won’t bore you with my horror stories of customers who tried to get me fired because I had to tell them we didn’t have the item they wanted, because I couldn’t take back a candle that was burned practically to the bottom (and that customer told me she “didn’t like it,” and wanted to be compensated. Umm sure). I’ve seen my manager, and others before her, handle things exactly as it seems Jen did: with an apology and a smile.

Even if what you really deserve is a punch in the face.

When you work in retail, you know not to treat people as you did poor Jen. Because you know better. Because you know that, hey, there are actually more important things in life than candles.

Now I’ll let you in on a little secret.

You ready?

It’ll rock your world:

I know at Yankee Candle, many of the “new scents” are very similar to previous ones, or – this is it! this is it! – they are the SAME EXACT SCENT as a previous candle, but with different-colored wax and a new label. I wouldn’t be surprised if B&BW did the same thing.

I know. Crazy, right?

If you had looked around a little longer, you may have found something very similar to what you were originally looking for. Or maybe something you might like even better.

You also could have ordered them online. Or accepted the coupons, because Jen probably didn’t have corporate approval to give you something free.

Or, you simply could have said “Oh well, thank you for trying. I really appreciate it,” and then left to go on with your life, and focus on things that actually matter.

Because of people like you, I hope I never have to work in customer service again.


A former retail employee with zero faith in humanity


12 thoughts on “Dear Angela, I quit retail because of jerks like you

  1. Hello Ms. Caplin, my 86-yr-old mom wrote the following letter to the Root Candle Co. about Angela. I am copying you in to this email because it shows much more about this person than is revealed in the comments above. Thank you.


    Dear A. I. Root Company:

    I have been a dedicated A. I. Root customer for over ten years.

    On your website for the Halloween bottle lights this season you posted a YouTube broadcast by a person named AZ4angela. This woman has a YouTube account which reviews many candles, although only occasionally Root. The only review of Root was the ones you sent her free.

    I began following the Az4angela YouTube soon after she posted the gleaming review of Root which I agreed with. However, please be advised that Angela also posts about many other subjects. The one posted below comes from Rosh Hoshannah on Sept 20, 2017, yesterday.

    In this review, Angela rails against Holocaust survivors, African Americans and Asian Americans. In addition she speaks on scurrilous and pornographic matters regarding her excretory functions.

    The person you have listed on your website is a classless and tactless bigot and does not deserve to be associated with the A. I. Root name.

    I respectfully request that you remove the link to AZ4angela from the A. I. Root website. I would appreciate confirmation that you have done this.

    If I don’t hear back from you in 30 days, I will terminate all future business with Root Candles.

    In addition, I will report your website as well as Angela to the Anti-Defamation League in Phila.

    Sincere regards,



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  4. Does Angela not understand that she is the one that comes off looking bad, not Jen. If I lived in or around Appleton, Wisconsin. I would go into the store and commensurate with Jen, for having to put up with such a rude, witch. Angela needs to get over herself.


    • You would think most people would side with Jen, but sadly there are several comments on the video saying Jen needs to be “taught a lesson” about “good customer service.” I sincerely hope there aren’t any internet wackadoodles who try to stalk or harass “Jen from the Appleton Bath & Body Works.” People are crazy.

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  5. This is insanity! She is all pissy over a bloody candle? I don’t understand why she feels that she deserves something for trying to buy a candle. Jeepers people are crazy. I have never worked in retail before, but I understand that poor Jen couldn’t give her free stuff. Wow.

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    • Right?! Can you imagine how she’d react in a *real* crisis?

      I kept waiting for the kicker as I watched this…I was expecting Jen to say “Sorry, we don’t sell candles to overweight women who smack their gum,” or something legitimately offensive. Nope.

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