Speaking up about rape: brave or foolish?

I’m blogging at Rachel in the OC today. Rachel Thompson is an awesome author, blogger, and advocate for survivors of sexual abuse. Check out her book Broken Pieces, an Amazon bestseller.


The lyrics to “Brave” by Sara Bareilles hit me hard and personally:

Your history of silence won’t do you any good/Did you think it would?/Let your words be anything but empty/Why don’t you tell them the truth?

That’s exactly what I’m ready to do.

Tell the truth.

But first, here’s the back story:

When I was seventeen, the summer before my senior year of high school, I met an outgoing, attractive, and charismatic twenty-one-year-old man about to enter his senior year of college. It was the kind of relationship where I dove in headfirst, as only a headstrong teenager can.

Read the rest here.


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One Response to Speaking up about rape: brave or foolish?

  1. swo8 says:

    It is a good thing that this is coming up in the forefront.


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