Same book, new title: A STUNNING ACCUSATION


I’ve had beta readers in the past tell me whether they liked my chosen titles, and sometimes they’ve helped me come up with better ones. This time around, no one could come up with anything more compelling than my creation, Shades of Doubt, which my Booktrope editor rightly pointed out was too similar to Fifty Shades of Grey (guess that word “shades” will no longer be the same!). It was he who came up with A STUNNING ACCUSATION, which is sort of a play on the magazine my main character works for.

So, let’s try this again: introducing A STUNNING ACCUSATION, the story of a woman on a quest to prove her boyfriend’s innocence when he is accused of assault. That is, if he’s truly innocent…


Love, in my experience, was about seeing a vision of a person: imagining the fullness of what they could be, and only together could the fullness of that vision be achieved.

At the same time, a big part of attraction had to do with mystery. No one could be known completely, and what made love such a thrilling adventure was the quest of getting to the bottom of a person, knowing the more you uncovered, the more you still had yet to find. And Jordan was an expert at being unknowable. Everything he did – every joke he told, every expression he made, even every move during sex – was calculated. He was a man who knew he had a certain image in public, so parts of him must remain untouchable to maintain it – even with me (or, you could argue, since my columns were such a hit, especially with me).

A huge part of being in love was respecting that mystery – resisting the temptation to reinvent a person as you saw fit.

Release date (and a cover!) will be known soon! Meanwhile, add to Goodreads.


7 thoughts on “Same book, new title: A STUNNING ACCUSATION

  1. Thank you, Beth, for the shout out here. You did all the hard work! Can’t wait to get a paperback copy for my library! I also hope this book comes out before summer 🙂 ever . . .


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