Good books in sacred spaces

I don’t understand people who can read any old book in any place. I’ve seen people reading Gone Girl and The Fault in Our Stars on the treadmill at the gym, and thought You must have feels of steel to be reading that in public.

I stick to non-fiction when I read in public places. I’m less likely to become emotionally invested in a biography as I am with fiction, which I only read in a sacred space: my library.

In lieu of a guest bedroom, I turned the second room of my apartment into a library, because I am a firm believer in sacred spaces for reading. While Pinterest has some really interesting ideas, my inspiration came solely from Beauty and the Beast (minus the awesome ladders).


These were the tallest shelves I could find. One day, I’ll have enough books to line the entire wall.

And what’s a Beauty and the Beast-themed library without the rose?! (Yes, I know it was in the West Wing of the castle, but you have to admit it still looks cool)


It is in this space I feel free to weep openly when my favorite stories traumatize me (in the best way possible, of course). If you’ve ever had strangers staring at you when tearing up at the end of a book, you understand why this space is necessary.


And what’s a library without a comfortable reading chair (or a library cat?). And yes, that is a Scrabble blanket.


As a compromise, I let my husband have the living room as the Man Cave.


7 thoughts on “Good books in sacred spaces

  1. I love this! our office was designated my writing/reading room. We are currently in the process of building shelves along one entire wall and I can not wait for them to be finished!!

    It has recently been determined that my husband and I will have to share the office because, for some unknown reason, he likes to hang out with me 🙂 Well see how that works out.

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