“I straddle a line between two faiths”: a coming out story

I definitely thought I’d be the last candidate to be asked to share her off-beat testimony at a church small group, but somehow I was. The first two minutes won’t be surprising to anyone who has read Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter, but the last two minutes are a big step for me: you know you’ve found a good church if you can admit that sometimes you feel agnostic, and still be encouraged to speak.

Talking about where I am today, spiritually, was more important than rehashing the last 8 years of faith, because I’m not that same bright-eyed new believer anymore. Now I don’t hide what does and does not make sense, because authenticity matters more to me than winning people to my side with clever arguments.

I love that I can admit that I straddle a line between two faiths, am more confused than ever, and still be told I’m welcome.


4 thoughts on ““I straddle a line between two faiths”: a coming out story

  1. Great post, Sarahbeth – brave, honest and articulate. Like you I appreciate perhaps most of all the opportunity to ask good questions – and I’m still looking for answers having been a Jewish believer in Jesus for some 40 years. Best regards, Richard Harvey


  2. I appreciate your transparency. I love the quote, “The serious Jew is recognized by his questions more than his answers.” Totally agree that it applies to Christians as well. Praying blessings as your spiritual journey continues.


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