Top ten most popular posts in 2015

studyingThe way I measure “popular” is by interactive discussion threads, not so much number of ‘likes.’ Liking a post is easy to do, but the true value for me is reading comments of people who were moved by what I wrote, even if they disagree with my conclusions. Without further ado…


10.‘Fifty Shades’ and pornified rape victims

9. Wil Wheaton: ‘You can’t pay rent with unique platform and reach’

8. When God talks like an abusive boyfriend

7. What Judaism taught me about gay marriage and persecution complexes

6. #SolidarityWithStoya: What the Church can learn from the porn industry about consent

5. When church triggers anxiety

4. “I’m pro-life, but…”

3. Does Jesus really make people “better”?

2. Checking reason at the door: Ken Ham and the fear of contradictory evidence

1. I’m pro-life and I don’t support defunding Planned Parenthood


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