It was never about bathrooms, or protecting women and children

Continuing the thought process of my previous post, I want to clarify a few more things regarding evangelical hypocrisy as to who can use which bathroom at Target, the concern over which is supposedly about “protecting” women and children:

  • Bob Jones University, a Christian college, reportedly blamed sexual assault victims – not their abusers – even when the assaults were committed on their campus by so-called “Bible believing” male students.
  •  John Piper, a much-revered Calvinist theologian, gave a sermonette on why it’s in a woman’s best interest to stay in an abusive marriage.
  • Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the patriarch and matriarch of 19 Kids and Counting, were found to have covered up abuse allegations in their own home for years before their oldest son Josh was finally outed for his crimes.
  • Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill Church, mocked effeminate pastors, and his supporters responded to the outcry by requesting we all “show him grace” because “none of us is perfect.”

Those are just a few examples of situations in which women and children were clearly in danger, or blatantly disrespected. But where were the protests on the Bob Jones campus, demanding justice for rape victims? When did we ever hear about massive withdrawal of donations from alumni? When was there a public boycott of Piper’s books and the Duggars’ reality show, let alone the TLC network for putting them back on the air?

Plenty of Christians have protested, boycotted, and denounced that school, those “leaders,” and their products. But not nearly to the same extent we are seeing in response to Target’s policy that permits trans customers to use the bathroom that best corresponds with their gender.

A few more anecdotes:

The same people who are horrified at sharing a bathroom with trans people are often the same people promoting purity culture. These same people are the ones encouraging women to cover themselves up so men won’t “stumble”; they are the same people who have forced rape victims to make public apologies for their own sexual assaults.

These same people who are such crusaders for women’s health and vitality are staunchly against sex education in public schools, against government programs that help the poor, and against Planned Parenthood – the largest organization in the US to provide affordable contraceptives, thus preventing more abortions than they actually carry out. These same people often praise pointless suffering, and call themselves “pro life” when in reality they are just “pro birth.”

These same people who are supposedly “for children” would rather leave kids in the over-burdened foster system than be adopted by loving, responsible gay parents.

These same people blatantly ignore the statistics that prove sex education is more effective than shame-based abstinence programs, which have been known to compare women who have sex outside of marriage to used pieces of tape or chewed-up gum.

Finally, where are the swarms of protestors outside the Vatican, where pedophile priests can hide from justice, and have done so for decades?

The vitriolic reaction to Target’s bathroom policy really isn’t about bathroom safety, just like Jim Crow laws were never about drinking fountains. These people do not give a damn about the safety of women and children, and are using the façade of concern as a veil to hide their bigotry.


3 thoughts on “It was never about bathrooms, or protecting women and children

  1. Just like the outcry over World Vision when it was made public that they would hire people in same sex marriages. Or the outcry over criticism of Chick-Fil-A or Duck Dynasty. All of those things got far more outrage and press than the other, more awful, things.


    • I’ve even read some blog posts and tweets by Christians defending Stanford rapist Brock Turner and denying that rape culture exists. And that blame women for their assaults by being slutty, of course. Appalling.


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