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I debated for a long time about writing a post like this, even though plenty of bloggers I follow have done it. Writing initially started as a hobby, long before the notion of self-publishing ever occurred to me. When I published my first book in 2012, I had no idea if anyone would ever read it. Now, thanks to my readers, I have results like this:


Those are the stats of my most recent book, Confessions of a Jew-ish Skeptic, as of one week ago. However, it didn’t end up there through my own efforts. I enlisted the help of several advertising companies, as well as boosted Facebook posts. Self-publishing itself is also a pricey endeavor, with the costs of cover design, editing, and formatting. True, I don’t have to keep publishing on my own – a traditional publisher could take care of that for me. But the reason I continue to choose the indie route is because I enjoy writing the stories I want to write, not just what’s trending.

This may not always be the case – I may try querying someday. But even in traditional publishing, the bulk of marketing still falls onto the author (unless I happen to be picked up by one of the Big Six).

So in the meantime, should you feel moved to do so, your contributions will help me continue to do the work I love full-time. I’m extremely grateful to everyone who has purchased and reviewed my work, taken the time to comment on this blog, and sent me personal messages. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Catniss and Zoey, my two furry co-workers, thank you, too.

Donations can be made here.


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