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I have a Patreon! Please support my writing!

zobooksWhat started as one self-published book has now turned into six, with several five-star reviews and bestseller status on Amazon more than once in the last few years. As my writing platform slowly grows, so has my network as a freelance writer and editor, granting me the ability to work from home doing what I love. I owe all that success to you guys: my readers.

But as you may be aware, the income of a freelancer isn’t always stable, nor is the income exactly the same every month. Much of my income goes toward creating advertisements with carefully targeted audiences on social media to help boost my reach. This can make it difficult to put much in the bank.

To help facilitate this, I’ve set up a Patreon page, where you can pledge to donate a custom amount each month, anywhere from $1 to $100. You can also make one-time donations via PayPal, using the email address Sbeth1188 (at) gmail (dot) com. Every little bit helps!

If giving financially is not an option for you, that’s totally fine! I am deeply grateful to everyone who has reblogged or retweeted my posts, or shared them across other social media platforms. And to everyone who has purchased my books: thank you. Having strangers read my work is a big check mark off my bucket list (bonus when those strangers turn into friends!).

Once again, thank you, and hope to keep hearing (or reading, more accurately) your voices in the discussion threads here.



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