A few changes and developments


Hello, readers. If you’ve kept up with me for a few years, or even just a few months, you may have noticed some changes in the blog content. That is, many posts lately are cross-posts with other places I write for, such as Patheos, Off the Page, and Huffington Post.

There’s a reason for this, and it’s not just because I’m lazy (although sometimes that’s true). It’s also not just because, for the last several months, I’ve been feverishly working on completing my thesis so I can graduate with my master’s by the end of this year (although that is also true).

The reason is this: as much as I enjoy blogging for myself, and for my small but growing readership, the fact of the matter is this: I need to start focusing more of my energy on writings I get paid for. Writing, for the last few weeks, has been keeping my lights on and my water running, a feat that has taken me years to accomplish – and it has left me a little drained to churn out more work with no monetary benefit.

But when I’m able to do so, I cross-post the writings I’m most proud of here, with links to where they first appeared. This way, if potential employers find me via LinkedIn, they can follow the link to this site and see examples of my best work all in one place.

These new op-ed style pieces also signify a turning point of the direction I see myself going as a writer. For as long as I’m alive, I expect to keep writing books, but not at the same rate I have been previously. The time of one-book-a-year publications has ended; I simply don’t have the time, and I have bills that need to be paid yesterday.

I’ve given considerable thought to self-publishing my thesis – a collection of essays – within the next year, so be on the lookout for more information about that. During my time as a grad student (majoring in creative nonfiction), I realized that while I’ve enjoyed writing novels, nonfiction is really where my heartbeat is: think religious and political editorials on Huffington Post and The Atlantic.

I think I’m much better at writing what I know than making stuff up – and not until you try to write a novel do you appreciate just how hard it is to make up characters that readers will care about – not to mention the world-building and plot-crafting. My respect for fiction writers has increased tremendously as I’ve realized that that style of writing just isn’t for me anymore (though if you feel so inclined, please check out A Stunning Accusation – it’s the work of fiction I’m most proud of, and it’s a relevant story in the wake of #MeToo).

If you’ve been following me for a while, and you miss the old blog content, I humbly ask that you consider making a donation to my Patreon page, which would help me out a lot. But if you want to help in a way that costs you nothing, please share links to my blogs and books on social media. Review my books on Amazon and Goodreads. Recommend them if you know of anyone looking for something new to read. I am so grateful to everyone who has done this faithfully since my first book baby came out in 2012, and I had no idea what the heck I was doing.

But I was 23 back then, a year out of college and living with my parents while I waited tables and figured my life out. I turned 29 last month, and my goals are changing. Paying the mortgage with writing will feel like the equivalent of writing a New York Times bestseller…but even that is still a way’s away.

I hope you continue to stick around, and feel free to join in on discussion threads in the comments. Or tag me in cute cat pictures on Twitter.




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