Update on my next book!


Dear readers,

The process of publishing next book begins this week! My cover artist will start designing tomorrow, and this cover is different (in a good way!) from my others. The first thing you’ll notice is that there isn’t a person on it, because finding an image to encompass an essay collection on a multitude of subjects was just too dang hard.

This collection is based on my thesis, but I won’t be marketing it as such, because, well, who honestly would want to read somebody’s graduate thesis? It also includes a few pieces written after my defense, spanning the topics of religious identity (and doubt), political awakening, mental illness, and more.

I wasn’t satisfied with the title I hastily chose the week before I had to present. I knew I could come up with something better if I had a bit more time. And the new title is…


From Amazon bestselling author Sarahbeth Caplin comes a collection of her best essays from all over the internet, including the Huffington Post, about things you can’t un-know, un-hear, or un-see once they happen: be it feminist awakenings, spiritual doubt, the effects of living with mental illness, and the normalcy of rape culture in Hollywood as well as in real life.

Funny, heartbreaking, and insightful, Caplin never minces words — or opinions.

For those who want an EXCLUSIVE sneak peak at the cover before it’s officially revealed, please SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter. I promise you won’t get any spam. Updates only go out once a month, though lately I’ve been slacking on even getting them out that often, because grad school. Subscribers to the newsletter will get first dibs on ARCs (advanced reading copies) for the purpose of early reviews.

Finally, if you are able to donate to the publishing costs of this book, since I’m once again doing it independently, please do so here.

An official release date will be coming soon, so stay tuned!


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