“The faith of Sarahbeth”: an interview with author Morgan Guyton

This was a fun interview with Morgan Guyton, author of How Jesus Saves the World From Us (which I highly recommend) about what motivated me to write Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter. I just love how important he makes me sound with a title like “The faith of Sarahbeth Caplin,” as if it’s a historic documentary and not just a conversation with a little indie writer who desperately wants to believe she’s a bigger deal than she actually is 🙂

Fun fact: Morgan’s cousin, Mary, played an integral role in leading me to the Christian faith.


MG: So tell me about your book.

SC: Basically I got asked so many times in college what motivates a secular Jew to become a Christian, I started joking about writing a book…and eventually I did just that.

You could say the start of my conversion was with books. The market for Jewish books for teens was practically nonexistent. There was one Judaica shop that had lots more Jewish books you couldn’t find at Barnes and Noble, and before the internet my mom would drive me there, 45 minutes away. It closed when I was in high school.

MG: Wow. So what was in your mind as you were devouring these books? What did you think you were looking for?

SC: I wanted to be like the people I was reading about: Cassie Bernall, Rachel Scott, Joan of Arc. I wanted the Jewish equivalent of what they had and eventually just hit a wall.

Read the rest here.


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