headshot5Hi! I’m Sarahbeth (Beth, SB), and I’m an author, editor, and freelance writer.  I grew up wanting to write young adult fiction, but later discovered that my passion is for nonfiction — specifically, writing about my journey from Reform Judaism to the Episcopal church, and how I maintain a Jewish cultural identity with Episcopalian faith.

There aren’t a ton of spiritual memoirs on the market about adult converts. Reading Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner inspired me to write about my own experiences with leaving, and finding, religion — and to create this blog as a resource for others who have “dual citizenship” between these distinct traditions.

I believe that Jews and Christians have much to learn from each other, as both faiths have roots in the Old Testament — or as Jews call it, the Tanakh (click here to read a more detailed summary of my theological views). Furthermore, interfaith dialogue continues to be necessary as anti-semitism increases under the Trump administration.

People would ask me all the time about my unusual “testimony,” so I decided to write and self-publish a book. That memoir, Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter (originally published in 2012, reprinted in 2014, and expanded in 2018), was an Amazon bestseller in the “personal growth” category. My writing has since been featured in Huffington Post, The Sun Magazine, xoJane, Lilith, and Christians for Biblical Equality, among other places.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, I live in northern Colorado with my husband, Joshua, and our fur kids, Zoey and Catniss Everclean (follow me on Instagram if you love adorable cat pictures). I have a bachelor’s degree in English from Kent State University, spent a year in seminary studying biblical counseling, and later earned a master’s in creative writing from Colorado State University.

A few of my favorite things: freshly ground coffee, independent bookstores, making jewelry, figure skating, pretzels, and cold weather. I’m an INFJ on the Myer’s Briggs personality scale and a 6 on the Enneagram. Dry humor is my love language, and no pun is beneath me.

Key posts:

Why I’m not a Messianic Jew

Why the Episcopal Church?

What Christians can learn from Jews about handling disagreement

Jewish hair, Christian faith

My favorite interfaith resources


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  1. Stop! You’re from Cleveland? We lived there for three years and are moving back in two-and-a-half months. No joke. Also, SVU and wine? Excellent pairing. Plus coffee and paperbacks – I’m officially glad you commented on my post.

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