Freelance pieces

Biblical Triggers: Rape in the Bible (Christians for Biblical Equality)

When an egalitarian husband and wife disagree (Christians for Biblical Equality)

The Myth of the ‘Overnight Success Story’ (Colorado Review)

Why I prefer writing nonfiction (Colorado Review)

A Brief History of Jewish Mysticism (Contemplative Journal)

I used to think abuse victims were stupid (Feminine Collective)

Why I Don’t Fit in, and Why That’s a Good Thing (Godless in Dixie)

Huffington Post articles

Where Your Sense of Adventure Went (Lilith Magazine)

‘Off the Page’ blog posts

Another form of interfaith (On Being Both)

Mothers, Daughters, and Faith: a review of “Undivided” (Patheos)

Songs for Myself: Taking Back My Abuser’s Favorite Music (Psych Central)

Rape Made Me a Feminist (RachelintheOC)

Speaking Up About Rape: Brave or Foolish? (RachelintheOC)

Overshadowing bigotry: One Christian’s plea for transgender acceptance (Removing the Fig Leaf)

A day in the life of a person with OCD (Stigma Fighters)

My “Other Job” (Write Divas)

What Confronting My Rapist Taught me about Justice (xoJane)



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