Wake me up when December ends

The struggles of living in rural Farmville: if the one Target doesn’t have what you’re looking for, then chances are you won’t find it anywhere except online. I was in search of an electric menorah, since a regular one didn’t seem feasible with two curious kitties in the apartment. Hanukkah had little significance in my… Continue reading Wake me up when December ends


Does Jesus really make people “better”?

I remember being a new Christian and looking down on classmates who also claimed to share my faith, but lived “alternative lifestyles”: ie, drank a lot, had premarital sex, etc. True faith, per the teachings of Campus Crusade for Christ, began in someone’s heart and flowed outward in their actions. You’d know Christians by the… Continue reading Does Jesus really make people “better”?


Why I don’t fit in, and why that’s a good thing

I'm blogging over at Patheos today. I was more than a little surprised that my friend Neil at Godless in Dixie would ask me, a Christian, to write a guest post for his blog about being atheist in the South, but I seized the opportunity because interfaith discussions are vital to the future of all… Continue reading Why I don’t fit in, and why that’s a good thing

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Hell or Cheeseburgers?

In the early stages of conversion, I thought I was exchanging Judaism – a set of rigid, outdated rules and regulations – for a faith that only required the humility of routine repentance. But I quickly found I had another big bone to pick with Christianity as a Jew: evangelism. Oh, how evangelists bothered me.… Continue reading Hell or Cheeseburgers?


What Christians get wrong about love

Throughout my participation in Campus Crusade for Christ, I heard this message countless times in sermons, bible studies, and prayer groups: There is no such thing as real love outside of Jesus. I was new to Christianity then. It still had this shiny, new toy appeal to it. So I swallowed that line without thinking… Continue reading What Christians get wrong about love