Dennis Prager: Evangelicals aren’t hypocrites for backing Trump

We’ve seen a lot of think pieces over the past year attempting to put a logical spin on evangelical support for Donald Trump. At this point it seems that all their justifications are worn-out clichés and do nothing to redeem their image in the eyes of everyone outside their religious circle.


But conservative commentator Dennis Prager gives it one more try in a piece for Townhall:

Religious Christians and Jews who support Trump understand that the character of a public leader is quite often less important than his policies. This is so obvious that only the naive think otherwise. Character is no predictor of political leadership on behalf of moral causes. I wish it were. Then, in any political contest, we would simply have to determine who the better person is and vote accordingly.

Perhaps Prager believes this, but it’s intellectually dishonest to pretend as if personal character never mattered to his conservative contemporaries when choosing a president. Judging by the way said contemporaries have bent over backwards to excuse every derogatory word out of Trump’s mouth, it’s clear that there’s a major caveat to character being of lesser importance than policies: a president can get away with just about anything, as long as he commits to anti-abortion policies.

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Join my launch team!

13312626_10206290134638527_2260368297611592327_nI’m so pleased to announce that the process of publishing my next book, THINGS YOU CAN’T UN-SEE, is under way! A big part of being an independent author means doing the bulk of the marketing myself. It’s a lot of work, on top of writing the book itself — and that is where you guys come in.

What is a launch team, exactly?

A launch team is a group of people dedicated to getting the word out about my new book. This is completely free — you won’t even have to purchase the book, because as a team member, you will receive a free ebook version to read and review on major retailer sites like Amazon or Barnes and Noble, as well as reader sites like Goodreads.

Early reviews are crucial for the success of a new release, because if you’re anything like me, you like to read them to help make up your mind about ordering it.

What will I have to do as a team member?

If you use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or have a personal blog, all you have to do is talk about my book. Why are you looking forward to reading it? Why should other people read it? You will also be provided with graphics and other visual aids to share.

And that’s it! You can do all this from your computer or smart phone without leaving home or spending any money.

Interested in being part of my team? Click here to fill out a sign-up sheet!

Thank you in advance. I’m eternally grateful.

“The faith of Sarahbeth”: an interview with author Morgan Guyton

This was a fun interview with Morgan Guyton, author of How Jesus Saves the World From Us (which I highly recommend) about what motivated me to write Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter. I just love how important he makes me sound with a title like “The faith of Sarahbeth Caplin,” as if it’s a historic documentary and not just a conversation with a little indie writer who desperately wants to believe she’s a bigger deal than she actually is 🙂

Fun fact: Morgan’s cousin, Mary, played an integral role in leading me to the Christian faith.


MG: So tell me about your book.

SC: Basically I got asked so many times in college what motivates a secular Jew to become a Christian, I started joking about writing a book…and eventually I did just that.

You could say the start of my conversion was with books. The market for Jewish books for teens was practically nonexistent. There was one Judaica shop that had lots more Jewish books you couldn’t find at Barnes and Noble, and before the internet my mom would drive me there, 45 minutes away. It closed when I was in high school.

MG: Wow. So what was in your mind as you were devouring these books? What did you think you were looking for?

SC: I wanted to be like the people I was reading about: Cassie Bernall, Rachel Scott, Joan of Arc. I wanted the Jewish equivalent of what they had and eventually just hit a wall.

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Update on my next book!


Dear readers,

The process of publishing next book begins this week! My cover artist will start designing tomorrow, and this cover is different (in a good way!) from my others. The first thing you’ll notice is that there isn’t a person on it, because finding an image to encompass an essay collection on a multitude of subjects was just too dang hard.

This collection is based on my thesis, but I won’t be marketing it as such, because, well, who honestly would want to read somebody’s graduate thesis? It also includes a few pieces written after my defense, spanning the topics of religious identity (and doubt), political awakening, mental illness, and more.

I wasn’t satisfied with the title I hastily chose the week before I had to present. I knew I could come up with something better if I had a bit more time. And the new title is…


From Amazon bestselling author Sarahbeth Caplin comes a collection of her best essays from all over the internet, including the Huffington Post, about things you can’t un-know, un-hear, or un-see once they happen: be it feminist awakenings, spiritual doubt, the effects of living with mental illness, and the normalcy of rape culture in Hollywood as well as in real life.

Funny, heartbreaking, and insightful, Caplin never minces words — or opinions.

For those who want an EXCLUSIVE sneak peak at the cover before it’s officially revealed, please SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter. I promise you won’t get any spam. Updates only go out once a month, though lately I’ve been slacking on even getting them out that often, because grad school. Subscribers to the newsletter will get first dibs on ARCs (advanced reading copies) for the purpose of early reviews.

Finally, if you are able to donate to the publishing costs of this book, since I’m once again doing it independently, please do so here.

An official release date will be coming soon, so stay tuned!

Trump to speak at annual March for Life

Donald Trump will become the first sitting president to speak at the annual anti-abortion March for Life today via satellite, according to Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire. This move once again panders to the fan base that got Trump elected in the first place and conveniently comes at a time the president is fighting back against allegations that he paid hush money to a porn star who he said reminded him of his daughter. (You know, family values.)

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“What did you expect, going to his apartment?” is bad feminism

800px-Aziz_Ansari_2012_ShankboneWe live in a world where “gray rape” is a legitimate phenomenon; where consent is so often muddied that men walk away from sexual encounters feeling lucky, and the women they just slept with go home feeling violated. What is happening, and why?

In a recent article for the New York Times regarding the “gray rape” of a woman with the pseudonym Grace and comedian Aziz Ansari, writer Bari Weiss would have you believe that feminism is the root cause of all the confusion, by turning women into helpless damsels too afraid to use their words:

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I was raised Jewish. I became a Christian. Please don’t call me a “Messianic Jew”

messianic-jewsI started calling myself a Christian in the fall of 2008 – nearly ten years ago. I accepted a friend’s invitation to check out my school’s chapter of Campus Crusade for Christ, fulfilling my long-term fascination with the man who called himself God.

This isn’t an unusual story for a lot of people. Becoming “born again” is nothing scandalous in America. Unless your family is Jewish, as mine is.

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Staying motivated when working from home


How many of you work from home? How many find it especially difficult to focus and get back into “work mode” after the holiday season?

It’s a little ironic that I type this while I still have two freelance articles and some editing to complete, but clearly I need the reminders. Here are some things I do to help stay motivated while working from home:

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Is the Museum of the Bible fair to Jewish people?

The new Museum of the Bible in Washington, D.C. spends what seems to be a disproportionate amount of time on the history of the Old Testament rather than the New, according to a review in the Washington Post.

That’s significant to many since that’s the section of the Bible without Jesus (depending on who you ask, anyway). The museum gift shop also sells Jewish items such as menorahs and mezuzahs, and the sounds of people praying in Hebrew can be heard through loudspeakers.23632749_1476056779175942_5096670486519628785_oIn many ways, then, the museum seems like a very Jew-friendly place. Yet many Jews are skeptical of the museum. Why is that?

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A year in review (of books): 2017


It’s time for my annual Year in Review (of books), which is not technically over yet – there are a few books I hope to finish before January 1st rolls in. You can often infer a lot about how a year went based on some of my favorite titles, which means I must start with the year’s favorite memoir.

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