picmonkey-collageConfessions of a Jew-ish Skeptic (#6 in Ecumenism on Amazon), the companion memoir to Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter, is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and CreateSpace.

What readers are saying:

“Caplin’s style at time feels like you’ve stumbled onto a radio segment with David Sedaris–especially her rhythm and sense of comic timing (and some truly laugh out loud lines). At the same time, she tackles very meaty spiritual and emotional topics and makes very provocative observations.”– Laurel Garver, Laurel’s Leaves

[Skeptic] is for anyone doubting their faith tradition or struggling with their religious identity, as well as for anyone who’s ever been called a ‘heretic’…I highly recommend this quick and easy read to anyone looking for encouragement as they wrestle with faith and doubt.” Rebekah Gilbert, A New Song to Sing

“[Caplin] writes in a casual, conversational style which makes for relaxing reading, with frequent flashes of humour lightening even the darkest of her days. Her honesty is engaging and by the end of the book one knows her quite well and cannot help liking her.” – Amazon review

Sarahbeth is keenly observant and her honesty is unwavering, whether she’s talking about her first god being her hair, her first kiss, or the suicide death of a friend. The aspects of her journey that I didn’t share made me think about my own in a new light.” – Amazon review

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