I’m Sarahbeth (SB to family, Beth among friends). By day, I’m a freelance writer who specializes in content creation for business blogs and web pages, as well as manuscript editing. At night, you can find me in my reading chair with a book, a cup of tea, and a cat. I probably read 3-4 books per week: biographies, memoirs, theology, and the occasional novel (young adult, dystopian, or thriller).

I started blogging as a way of explaining to curious friends and relatives why I, a Jewish girl, suddenly started going to church (it actually wasn’t that sudden). That blog writing grew into a book, Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter, which was an Amazon bestseller in the “personal growth” category. When people ask me why I felt the need to publish a memoir at the weary age of 22, I tell them I wrote the book I wanted to read, but simply couldn’t find (although Lauren Winner’s Girl Meets God comes close).

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, I now live in northern Colorado with my husband, Joshua, and our two spoiled kitties, Zoey and Catniss Everclean. A few of my favorite things: freshly ground coffee, candles, thrift shopping, pretzels, autumn, independent bookstores, making jewelry, figure skating, thunderstorms, striped sweaters, the scent of lavender, and cold weather. Dry humor is my love language, and my puns are always intended.

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