I’m Sarahbeth (also known as Beth or SB). I started blogging as a way of explaining to curious friends and relatives why I, a Jewish girl, suddenly started going to church (it actually wasn’t that sudden). That blog writing grew into a book, Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter, which was an Amazon bestseller in the “personal growth” category.

When people ask me why I felt the need to publish a memoir at the weary age of 23, I tell them I wrote the book I wanted to read, but simply couldn’t find (in hindsight, I do not recommend writing a memoir before your frontal lobe has finished developing). While my theology has evolved a lot since publishing in 2012, the book nonetheless holds a special place in my heart. Today I describe myself as a Catholic-flavored Anglican.

I was born in Connecticut, moved to Pennsylvania at age six, and then to Ohio at age eight, where I spent the rest of my childhood. I now live in northern Colorado with my husband, Joshua, and our two spoiled kitties, Zoey and Catniss Everclean. We are parents to a daughter in heaven.

A few of my favorite things: reading, freshly ground (then French pressed) coffee, candles, thrift shopping, pretzels, the color purple, autumn, independent bookstores, making jewelry, figure skating, thunderstorms, the scent of lavender, and cold weather. Dry humor is my love language, and my puns are always intended.

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