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“True Christians” and harmful politics

I remember, in my early days of faith, being consumed with the question of whether I was a "real" Christian. Sure, I had prayed the Sinner's Prayer and all, but what if my "walk" didn't match my talk? What if I was lukewarm? What if my actions caused more people to "backslide" than convert? This… Continue reading “True Christians” and harmful politics

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Potiphar’s wife and #MeToo

After my Episcopal church service I went to my husband’s evangelical church to wait for him in the cafe like I usually do. When I stepped out to use the restroom, I heard the sermon topic introduced. It was about Potiphar’s wife. The one who falsely accused Joseph of rape. THIS weekend of all weekends.… Continue reading Potiphar’s wife and #MeToo

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When I can’t believe in the Church

Every now and then, when my doubts start to gang up on me, I skim through Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter to be reminded, Oh, this is why I chose Christianity. These are the reasons I'm still here. I stand by those reasons. My faith is generally strengthened by hardship, because it's when I lean… Continue reading When I can’t believe in the Church

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Yom Kippur and #MeToo

I never liked Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, growing up. Jewish holidays can best be summarized as “They tried to kill us, we survived, let’s eat,” and thus tend to be joyful occasions, but not this one. It’s a somber day of reflecting on our sins and making amends with the people we’ve hurt.… Continue reading Yom Kippur and #MeToo


What is my “ministry”?

This post originally appeared on Tim Fall's blog. Some people have a clear idea of how God will “use” them, especially if they came to faith from a struggle like drinking, drugs, or some kind of abuse. They know exactly who their audience is. The words come naturally and with ease. I follow lots of… Continue reading What is my “ministry”?

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The Social Justice Statement is an affront to black, Jewish Jesus

The Social Justice Statement, a document composed by prominent white evangelical men, claims that caring for minorities somehow compromises the gospel. It denies any culpability in systemic racism, and any responsibility for how anti-gay and anti-woman rhetoric causes harm. None of this is surprising. In fact, it fits rather well in an era in which… Continue reading The Social Justice Statement is an affront to black, Jewish Jesus


Is Jesus found in the Old Testament?

I remember sitting in Bible studies in which the Hebrew Scriptures were studied – usually the prophets. Without fail, someone would mention where they could find Jesus in those verses, but especially in Isaiah 53. That passage in particular was just so “obvious” that Jesus’ life was planned from the beginning of creation. This is… Continue reading Is Jesus found in the Old Testament?

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How Some Christians Mistake Honoring Jewish Culture With Appropriating It

This week I had an article published on Sojourners: When I was studying biblical counseling at a conservative Baptist seminary five years ago, a student invited me to a Passover Seder on campus. I was reluctant to respond because the student was a Messianic Judaism major and the Seder was being hosted by his department.… Continue reading How Some Christians Mistake Honoring Jewish Culture With Appropriating It


A brief history of the “quiet time”

I recently listened to a podcast episode by Uniquely Woman on the history of what has become known as the “quiet time” – the portion of the day in which Christians read their Bibles, usually in an arm chair or at a farmhouse table with a mug of coffee and open journal for note-taking (you’ve… Continue reading A brief history of the “quiet time”