Let’s Talk: a Rabbi Speaks to Christians (a review)

I’m a sucker for books about interfaith dialogue between Jews and Christians, but almost always left feeling disappointed and even frustrated by them. It’s not that I don’t believe productive conversations are possible – they are! I still have them regularly with Jewish friends.  But when the goal is unity rather than education, Christian doctrine… Continue reading Let’s Talk: a Rabbi Speaks to Christians (a review)


Should Christians Celebrate Hanukkah?

If you’re familiar with my stance on Christians celebrating Passover, then you can guess my feelings about Christians observing Hanukkah. In a recent article for Christianity Today, Maria Baer profiles a Messianic Jewish family who observes the feast of Hanukkah as a reminder of God’s promise to preserve the Jewish people.  While I take some… Continue reading Should Christians Celebrate Hanukkah?


Does Galatians 3:28 teach “Jewish erasure”?

I’ve been rereading Amy-Jill Levine’s book, The Misunderstood Jew. Levine’s work captivates me because she’s an Orthodox Jew who teaches the New Testament at Vanderbilt University. That makes her perspective unique in a world where Jesus’ Jewish background is often forgotten or ignored. While I don’t always agree with her views, Levine’s work is the… Continue reading Does Galatians 3:28 teach “Jewish erasure”?


How To Love Your Hostage Neighbor

You may have seen the viral video of a group of Christians singing worship songs on an airplane. While some people are criticizing those who were offended, the Jewish side of me raises an eyebrow at the whole thing. That's because I know how it would have affected me if I were on that plane… Continue reading How To Love Your Hostage Neighbor


Judaism Is More Than The Old Testament

Every year (except 2020), a Christian friend will share on social media about a Passover seder held at their church. I’ve addressed the many issues with that, so I won’t rehash them again. But I did realize something as I was reminded, once again, why these church-hosted seders are so attractive to Christians in the… Continue reading Judaism Is More Than The Old Testament


Moving Beyond Transactional Salvation

“Have you made a decision for Christ yet?” This is “Christianese” for asking if you’ve been “saved,” “accepted Christ into your heart,” or whatever the preferred vernacular is. For me, it’s a question that asked if I’d converted yet: from Reform Judaism to Christianity (Anglican, specifically). A handful of friends knew I’d been thinking about… Continue reading Moving Beyond Transactional Salvation


“Jews for Jesus” didn’t convert me

If your life is anything like mine, then it’s not at all unusual to receive a text message from a friend around 10pm asking complex questions about dispensationalism, which leads into a discussion about the missionary organization Jews for Jesus.  There were some things I shared in that conversation that I felt were worthwhile enough… Continue reading “Jews for Jesus” didn’t convert me

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Becoming Sarahbeth

Excerpted from my essay collection, Things You Can't Un-see. My husband makes fun of me for my obsession with monograms. After he caught me looking at a rotating display case of silver letter charms at a local boutique, I told him, “If you had the opportunity to name yourself, you’d be obsessed with them, too.”   … Continue reading Becoming Sarahbeth


4 Ways Judaism Influences Me As An Anglican

I converted to Christianity from Reform Judaism in 2008. The distance between childhood and today grows wider, but our roots are some of the strongest influences on the adults we become. The truth is that while my worldview has undergone a radical shift, Jewish culture and theology continue to affect my faith.  These are just… Continue reading 4 Ways Judaism Influences Me As An Anglican


Making Peace With Being Inherently Offensive

It's hard to share the story of why I converted without offending somebody. I know this, I've accepted this, but it still bothers me because no one likes to lose friends. There's just no way to share how I was born Jewish and became a Christian without implying that Judaism just wasn't good enough, or… Continue reading Making Peace With Being Inherently Offensive