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Behind the scenes of ‘Things You Can’t Un-see’

I had the privilege of being a guest on the Author Action podcast last week to talk about my most recent book, Things You Can't Un-see: an essay collection. Host Richard Keller asks about the inspiration behind the book, how it differs from my previous books, what the writing process was like, and what projects… Continue reading Behind the scenes of ‘Things You Can’t Un-see’

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I have a Patreon! Please support my writing!

What started as one self-published book has now turned into six, with several five-star reviews and bestseller status on Amazon more than once in the last few years. As my writing platform slowly grows, so has my network as a freelance writer and editor, granting me the ability to work from home doing what I… Continue reading I have a Patreon! Please support my writing!

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My first podcast

Last week I had the opportunity and privilege to appear on The Daily Author podcast, with host Richard Keller of Wooden Pants Publishing. I answered questions about the indie publishing process (a term I prefer over "self publishing," because no one truly publishes anything by themselves!) and about my two memoirs, Confessions of a Prodigal… Continue reading My first podcast

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‘Confessions’ reaches bestseller status!

The best things in life aren't "things," but when you're a writer, a screen shot like this is kind of a big deal: #199 in Kindle free books, #1 in personal growth, #1 in memoirs! I've come a long way since I first started writing books out of construction paper and crayons. Confessions of a… Continue reading ‘Confessions’ reaches bestseller status!