When you and your spouse are “unequally yoked”

When we first starting dating, Josh and I were mutually burned out by "Cru Culture" - the branch of Campus Crusade for Christ we were both part of that was highly legalistic and overly concerned with outward appearances. Despite our different backgrounds -- he grew up Church of Christ, and I grew up Jewish --… Continue reading When you and your spouse are “unequally yoked”


Labels, judgment, and ‘boxes’ of believers

Sometimes when I find myself fading out during small group discussion, I look around the room and observe the people around me. It hasn’t been a full year since I started attending this church, and I’m just now starting to remember people’s names. Talks about theology tend to go from zero to sixty in terms… Continue reading Labels, judgment, and ‘boxes’ of believers

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What Judaism taught me about gay marriage and persecution complexes

If I ever have children someday, there’s a chance they might ask me if I remember what I was doing on the day that gay marriage became legal everywhere in the United States. I can tell them that I was in the middle of my usual morning routine, drinking coffee while reading a book to… Continue reading What Judaism taught me about gay marriage and persecution complexes

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When faith and culture collide

These are some passages pulled from my incubating second memoir and may be slightly scatter-brained. It’s hard to draw the line between flattering imitation and cultural misappropriation. I have said before that my deep love of Asian food does not make it okay for me, a very obvious Caucasian, to start identifying as Asian. But… Continue reading When faith and culture collide


What Christians get wrong about love

Throughout my participation in Campus Crusade for Christ, I heard this message countless times in sermons, bible studies, and prayer groups: There is no such thing as real love outside of Jesus. I was new to Christianity then. It still had this shiny, new toy appeal to it. So I swallowed that line without thinking… Continue reading What Christians get wrong about love