Why Rachel?

Note: I didn't personally know Rachel Held Evans, and I am just one of many, many Christians and fledgling writers who benefitted from her work and the generosity of how she used her platform. Because I am currently writing a book about how American Christianity perceives suffering, I'm grappling with the question of "Why her?"… Continue reading Why Rachel?

Social Issues

When I can’t believe in the Church

Every now and then, when my doubts start to gang up on me, I skim through Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter to be reminded, Oh, this is why I chose Christianity. These are the reasons I'm still here. I stand by those reasons. My faith is generally strengthened by hardship, because it's when I lean… Continue reading When I can’t believe in the Church


One denomination’s truth is another’s heresy

If you’re familiar with my backstory, you’ve probably heard me say more than once that the Jewish way of studying the Bible is what ended up saving my faith – that is to say, asking hard questions of the text, wrestling with it, and being comfortable with degrees of uncertainty. The Talmud, a compilation of… Continue reading One denomination’s truth is another’s heresy