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Grieving for Jewish relatives in an evangelical church

Josh took on the task of shopping for a new church during the summer I went back to Ohio to take care of Dad. One Sunday he sent me a text: This pastor is British and snarky. You’ll love this place! Well. How could I say no to that?
 When I returned to Colorado that… Continue reading Grieving for Jewish relatives in an evangelical church


The biggest theological differences between Judaism and Christianity

Much of my work consists of pointing out the ways that Jews and Christians can learn from each other, based on their shared history in Scripture. Today, however, I want to point out some of the ways that the two faiths differ in their theologies. These differences go a lot deeper than simply “Jesus” and… Continue reading The biggest theological differences between Judaism and Christianity


Navigating the stress of evangelism

I thought keeping kosher was a heavy obligation in Judaism. Years later, I decided that the pressure to evangelize non-Christians was worse. It’s easier for me to explain evangelism done badly than well. My memoir opens with the story of how a classmate told me my recently deceased uncle was in hell because he didn’t… Continue reading Navigating the stress of evangelism


Why progressive and conservative Christians don’t like me

It’s hard for a person with one foot in two spiritual worlds to find a place to call home. It’s harder still when your theology is such that it annoys both progressive and conservative Christians alike. I say this not to look for pity, but just to state a fact: I don’t fit neatly in… Continue reading Why progressive and conservative Christians don’t like me


Reconciling hell

One week before my father died of cancer, I received an email from a family friend— we’ll call her G—wanting to know if he had been “saved” yet; the implication being there wasn’t much time left before it would be too late. By that point, Dad had succumbed to a comatose-like state, with occasional hallucinations… Continue reading Reconciling hell

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It’s okay to change your mind

I'm no longer the same person I was when I wrote Confessions a Prodigal Daughter, yet it continues to be my best-selling book. There was a purpose for the journey I had made up until that point, and I'm grateful that it still speaks to people today. But back then, my belief system was as… Continue reading It’s okay to change your mind

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A year in review (of books): 2017

It’s time for my annual Year in Review (of books), which is not technically over yet – there are a few books I hope to finish before January 1st rolls in. You can often infer a lot about how a year went based on some of my favorite titles, which means I must start with… Continue reading A year in review (of books): 2017


When grief and Bible study collide

Two years ago at this time, I had my father-daughter dance five months before my actual wedding. I tried on my dress in the Catan’s Bridal suite, gathered my un-hemmed skirt, and shuffled over to Dad’s wheelchair to ask him to dance with me. Mom played Pachelbel Canon on her iphone while we “danced” as… Continue reading When grief and Bible study collide


Fundamentalism and interfaith dialogue

I had the privilege of participating in Colorado State’s first “Better Together” Day: a collaborative effort of various faith ministries on campus. The point was to wear a nametag with your faith affiliation on it so you could find someone of a different faith tradition to talk to and learn from. There were “Christian,” “Jewish,”… Continue reading Fundamentalism and interfaith dialogue


Let’s talk about hell!

"Redemptive justice” is the idea that punishment must teach the offender something, or else it doesn’t work. It’s why I’m against torture and capital punishment: you’re just not in a position to correct your behavior when you’re being harmed, and especially not when you’re dead. That is why I can’t wrap my head around a… Continue reading Let’s talk about hell!