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A few lifestyle changes for greener living

Instead of specific New Year's resolutions, I try to stick to general, non-specific goals for the year. One such goal that's been on my mind for a while is to make lifestyle changes so I produce less waste, and consume less as a whole, while making choices that are better for the health of the… Continue reading A few lifestyle changes for greener living


Why the Episcopal church?

One thing that scared me away from the chaplaincy program at seminary was the requirement of having the support of a specific denomination. I lived under the “It’s not a religion, it’s a relationship” banner at the time, so the thought of having to align myself with a “religious” label abhorred me. My academic adviser… Continue reading Why the Episcopal church?


I’m not a “real” anything

The fear is mostly internal, but it’s been authorized before: “You’re not a real Christian.” I’ve heard it out loud in Bible studies; I’ve received it in my mentions on Twitter, and in comments on this blog. Conversely, I also heard this a few times in my life: “You’re not really Jewish.” I heard that… Continue reading I’m not a “real” anything