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Losing the sting of death

In a recent article for Christianity Today, Ewan C. Goligher writes about the increase of physician-assisted suicides in Canada: Grounding the freedom to be killed in the right to life might seem counterintuitive, but the court reasoned that the criminal prohibition on physician-assisted death could force “some individuals to take their own lives prematurely, for… Continue reading Losing the sting of death


What Jesus Taught Me About Trauma

“If you’re still dealing with trauma and depression, what does that say about Jesus?” This was said to me by a colleague in one of my seminary classes – a counseling seminary class. That was ten years ago, and I still think about it.  Unfortunately, it’s not an isolated opinion. I’ve encountered many Christians who… Continue reading What Jesus Taught Me About Trauma


The reasons for religious conversion

I stumbled across this blog post yesterday: When People Change Religions, Logic and Reason Aren’t Always in the Picture, inspired by Susan Jacoby’s new book, Strange Gods: a secular history of conversion. Jacoby writes: People generally think about conversion only in terms of a spiritual journey, when in fact, there are a lot of secular… Continue reading The reasons for religious conversion