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Grieving for Jewish relatives in an evangelical church

Josh took on the task of shopping for a new church during the summer I went back to Ohio to take care of Dad. One Sunday he sent me a text: This pastor is British and snarky. You’ll love this place! Well. How could I say no to that?
 When I returned to Colorado that… Continue reading Grieving for Jewish relatives in an evangelical church


The art of living with tension

You could say my future conversion to Christianity was set in stone when I had my Bat Mitzvah in a church. At the time, that was my only option—borrowing another religion’s sanctuary to celebrate my entrance into Jewish adulthood because there were no synagogues nearby. Just as there are “Christmas and Easter” Christians, my family… Continue reading The art of living with tension


Reconciling hell

One week before my father died of cancer, I received an email from a family friend— we’ll call her G—wanting to know if he had been “saved” yet; the implication being there wasn’t much time left before it would be too late. By that point, Dad had succumbed to a comatose-like state, with occasional hallucinations… Continue reading Reconciling hell


A fresh look at the parable of the prodigal son

It must be pretty obvious that I have a soft spot in my heart for the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32, seeing as I named my memoir after it. The parable is about two sons who work for their father. The younger one asks his father for his share of the inheritance… Continue reading A fresh look at the parable of the prodigal son


When grief and Bible study collide

Two years ago at this time, I had my father-daughter dance five months before my actual wedding. I tried on my dress in the Catan’s Bridal suite, gathered my un-hemmed skirt, and shuffled over to Dad’s wheelchair to ask him to dance with me. Mom played Pachelbel Canon on her iphone while we “danced” as… Continue reading When grief and Bible study collide


The reasons for religious conversion

I stumbled across this blog post yesterday: When People Change Religions, Logic and Reason Aren’t Always in the Picture, inspired by Susan Jacoby’s new book, Strange Gods: a secular history of conversion. Jacoby writes: People generally think about conversion only in terms of a spiritual journey, when in fact, there are a lot of secular… Continue reading The reasons for religious conversion